September 10, 2021
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Bulk Water Services – Operations
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South Africa
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Job Advert Summary

The overall responsibility of the successful candidate will be the management of a team to provide services to assure the supply of safe drinking water to consumers. The services shall be provided to the entire drinking water supply system from catchment to tap including associated peripheral support activities.

Minimum Requirements

• Minimum post graduate qualification in Environmental Sciences, Water Utilisation, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Microbiology, Civil -, Chemical -, or Environmental Engineering (NQF 9).
• Preference will be given to individuals that hold a science qualification (NQF 9) with an additional qualification in engineering.
• 8 years and more experience in the water industry as a scientist or an engineer.
• General management qualification (NQF 6/7).
• Computer literacy including statistical skills.

• Experience in budget compilation and utilisation as per plan.
• Registration with a professional body.
• Valid Driver’s License.


• Quality management / assurance / control experience.
• Risk management experience.
• Project management experience.
• Effective report writing and verbal communication skills.

Primary Duties

• Give strategic direction to the organisation on water quality management.
• Develop and put in place integrated water quality management systems and processes.
• Establish an integrated knowledge base by incorporating explicit and implicit knowledge from the water industry.
• Remain abreast of international water quality assurance practices and align Rand Water’s water quality assurance systems and processes to these practices.
• Obtain synergy by integrating knowledge from several disciplines such as hydrology, chemistry, microbiology, management systems and processes, engineering and risk management.
• Lobby/influence internal and external parties in a co-operative manner in the interest of consumer safety.

• Integrate data/information from different sources and “establish the truth” to be actioned in the interest of consumer health protection.
• Effectively communicate/transfer knowledge to change thinking and behaviour of various interested and affected internal and external parties to promote public health.
• Identify and implement internet-communication technology (ICT) to improve decision-making (routine and incident management), communication (internal and external) and scenario analyses.
• Conduct activities in ancillary areas that could influence water quality.
• Translate/link water quality into/to public health impacts.
• Staying abreast of latest legal and regulatory requirements and translating legal requirements into implementation/compliance actions for the organisation.
• Conduct water quality auditing activities in order to ensure legal compliance and customer confidence in the drinking water supplied by Rand Water


• High level of knowledge and understanding of applicable water laws, i.e.: Water Services Act, National Water Act, related regulations and the national drinking water standard.
• Good knowledge of SA Environmental legislation.
• Good knowledge of Labour Law, Employment Equity Act, Health & Safety Act.
• Good knowledge of water quality management.
• Sound knowledge and understanding of water treatment unit processes and their impact on water quality dynamics in the entire drinking supply system.
• Sound knowledge in water quality issues from catchment to tap.
• Risk management knowledge.
• Quality management / assurance / control knowledge.


• Effective leadership focused on achieving outcomes.
• Skills to plan, organise and control work.
• Ability to make independent, rapid and appropriate decisions.
• Effective report writing and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to look at the bigger picture.
• Ability to execute duties independently, as a leader, and a member of a team.
• Creative and innovative problem solving ability.
• Negotiating skills on corporate and senior government level.
• Computer literacy including statistical skills.


• Not averse to address non-routine work challenges.
• Not intimidated to work with unknown people.
• Conscientious.
• Ability and willingness to complete activities delegated by senior management.
• Accept that the job is not restricted to office hours.
• Accept that the needs of the team are more important than those of the individual.
• Focused on achieving outcomes within policies.